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Nursing Code Blue Drugs You Should Know (Nurse 2021)

Nursing Code Blue Drugs You Should Know

Hi everyone,

In this video I will talk about what to do in a code blue and what happens during a code blue. When I was a floor nurse I was able to be part of a few codes and thought I knew what was going on. But now, that I have received extra training and have been placed on a the code blue team meaning that I respond to codes blues that happen in the hospital, I thought it would be interesting to give people more insight on what to expect.

So let’s get right into today’s video. When someone has coded, there is many things that goes on. A set of people get immediately activated and respond to wherever they are needed. In that moment, as a floor nurse it is important to stay present and pull up the most recent work done on the patient specifically give the most recent lab draw time, the most recent diagnosis, any significant diagnostic tests and the medical history. That would enable us to have a base of information that will appropriately and adequately guide the physician on what is going on.

As a responder to a code blue, I was surprised to find out that the emergency physician follows the Advanced Cardiac Life Support algorithm in every code that occurs. If you are interested in reading and learning about the algorithms I will leave a link down below where you can check it out.

The typical drugs that you will face in codes are the following drugs










If intubated, you can expect for the patient to receive the following drugs






All through IV of course. Now remember that each hospital has their own policies how they handle code blues so make sure you review that at your hospital. So, as you can see, for all these drugs you need IV access and to see if it indicated to give them you need them on a cardiac monitor. Therefore those are two crucial things that need to be in place for any type of therapy to be done for the patient. I will make a video talking about the Advanced Cardiac Life Support algorithm more in-depth but in this video I just wanted to keep it short and talk about some of the important drugs that we use during code blues.



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